New Zealand Learning Support Classrooms

This Wiki was established in September 2011 by a group of New Zealand parents. We are based on Auckland's North Shore and have one thing in common - we all have children with moderate special needs in learning support classrooms.

Our classrooms are under threat due to government changes (we talk about this more in detail here) and our children will be forced into mainstream classrooms in 2012. We believe strongly in a mainstream education where possible, but many of our children have already been down that route and have been variously bullied, ignored, stood down or neglected. The upcoming changes will remove all reasonable choice from us parents to decide how we would like our children to be educated. To jump straight to our stories, please click here: our stories.

We want to connect with other parents across the country, and grow this Wiki and our Facebook page so it becomes a resource that can be shared nationwide. We know that the Government's 'One Size Fits All' solution does not work for all children because:
  • Right now in New Zealand there are children with special needs who are being homeschooled because they cannot cope in a mainstream setting.
  • Right now there are children whose presence in the mainstream classroom means that they are simply sat in a corner at the back of the classroom, not able to participate in the education that their peers are receiving.
  • Right now there are children whose involuntarily disruptive behaviours are viewed as disobedience, resulting in the child being taken down a disciplinary route.
  • Right now there are children who are having a part-time education because they do not have sufficient government funding for teacher aide hours - many children are sent home halfway through the school day, or are told not to come into school if their teacher aide is off sick.

Please have a look around our Wiki. We are a friendly, inclusive bunch of people and welcome your comments and input.

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For any feedback or questions regarding this Wiki, please email us here. . We would love to hear from you.

A lot more information on the issue can be found in our links section.

We have formally written to Anne Tolley on 4th Nov 2011 to notify her of our concerns. You can view a copy of the letter here.